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iRecorder Pro - Pocket Recorder for iPhone & iPod Touch

get this app here: iRecorder is a recorder for iPhone & iPod touch by SimpleTouch software.

iOS App Review: Recorder Plus PRO

I am doing a basic review/demo of the Recorder Plus PRO app that is in the iOS store. This app was around $4.99 with another $4.99 in-app purchase to unlock ...

iRecorder Pro - Pocket Voice Recorder

Instant Audio Recorder iPhone App Review

Presented By: TheAppleGoogle(dot)com This is a very cool and easy app to use. With not to many functions it makes recording audio very easy! With fast ...

Voice Recorder for iPad (App Review)

this a good voice recorder app for the iPad and very easy to work with and u can get from the link below Subscribe , Rate and Comment ...

iTalk Recorder Premium iPhone Audio Recording App Review

iTalk Recorder Premium, by Griffin Technology, is an easy to use audio recording app with some cool features. With its "Quick Record Mode," iTalk gets straight ...

Recorder Pro iphone App

Here is a low budget way to record audio in a pinch. This is the Recorder Pro app for an iphone. It recorded 44.1 kilohertz, 16 bit, and created a .aiff file for me.

iRecorder App Review

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Top 5 Best FREE iOS Screen Recorder for iPhone | iPad

top 5 best free screen recorder for iPhone | iPad get airshow for free: get vidyo for free: get BB Rec for free: ...

Night Recorder iPhone App Review - Here's the March 1st App Calendar Review of Night Recorder. Paid Version: Developer: Davide Archetti Website: ...

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