iRecorder Pro Audio Recorder App Reviews

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Very easy and good


Beste app ever!!

So coole app!! Ein Must have!



good but also disappointing

record functionality is good. easy recording, good sound quality, small files. BUT: here comes a call and the App stops recording!!! even if you do not answer the call. drives you crazy.

Transfer recordings as mp3 files?

The iRecorder is great for exactly what it claims to do. It can replay recordings clearly from either the speaker or via headphones, and the upside-down feature is very handy. Suggested Improvements: - Could use a track bar for those long recordings. - Any chance that you can find a way to transfer said recordings to the built-in iPod app as music files?

Good little program

If this program had a call recording feature that saved the call recording then I would pay more.

Great app!

Works great & a very handy feature to have. More controls would only make it better.

I use iRecorder all the time: lectures, interviews, rehearsals, gigs...

I use iRecorder all the time, to record lectures, interviews, rehearsals, and even music gigs with my iPhone. I even used it to record an all-day seminar recently (with permission), and still had enough battery life left in my iPhone for an hour-long transit ride home. After 25+ years of dreaming of a useful, portable, easy-to-use, recording-on-the-go, digital-transfer-capable tool, this is all I ever use now. I do wish for three improvements: a) that I could transfer files through a USB connection instead of only via wi-fi, b) that I could record telephone interviews with it, which would dramatically improve its usefulness as a business tool, and c) that either I could turn the recording levels down or it could self-adjust a little more than it already does (when I record from the middle of our 16-piece swing band, it still handles our "blastissimo" volume pretty well but we do strain its outer limits a little). Still, when I think of how Ive struggled with recording-capable portable tape players, dictation machines, my entire stereo/mic system, non-Mac-compatible mp3 recorders/mics (finally getting better than the earlier options and which I still have), and most recently my beloved 5th Gen iPod with a MicroMemo mic (which works great and I still use at times, but my iPod battery dies after recording for 2 hours)... I love this app.


Love this app. Clean simple interface, launches faster than the built in apple app and uses less keystrokes to navigate. Excellent!


This is great!

Simple and effective

I have two other recorder apps but I only use this one. And I use it ALL the time.

Great recorder but....

It records great - but it doesnt do anything else it says it does. Would live to label the recordings other than just the date. Cant edit or anything.

Lacks chapters and unable to use other apps at same time

I was hoping this would be a step up from the built in iPod recorder, but with the built in I can look at other things like photographs. This app stops when using other apps. If these could be fixed I would love it and recommend it to others. It would also be nice if I could transfer files using USB as individual file downloads can be a lengthy process if you have several interviews in a day. I wish you luck with this app and look forward to updates. Christina


This app is everything I wanted in a voice recorder. The only way it could be better is if the recordings could be synced without a wifi connection, maybe when the phone in plugged into the computer?? Thanks for making the app, I can never go to class without it!!

Wins my vote

Just finished downloading/buying/using a variety of other recording/memo apps in the store, and this one wins: gets used and not deleted. Very very easy to use, excellent volume and good quality for my needs (Im not an audiophile, so wont even try to comment on the recording quality). Transferring to a computer is as easy as typing in the phones IP address into your computers web browser

Great app

I use this app to study for school! Its great. Simple and easy to use.


I think this program is great for what I use it for. I write music so instead of having to write it down, I can just hit record and not have to worry about forgetting what I was just playing 5 minutes ago.

No better than apples free one.

Dont buy. Its the same as the free one that comes with the phone. I wanted one that could slice and past memos together for editing this cant be done with this app.Speakeasy is better.

Great interview assistant!

Who needs an additional recorder? This has proved invaluable for recording interviews that Ive been conducting, I just wish it could also do the transcribing for me!

Great! Best user interface, simple to use. Now PERFECT

Absolutely the best voice recorder on the market Simplicity and functionality, when achieved together make for a great application. This is the one recorder out of a crowded market (there are 19 similar applications available for the iPhone at the time of this writing - Nov. 28, 2008). I have tried all those under $2.99 and looked at the description of the others. iRecorder has the right features buttons, at the right size and the right locations. It also provides vibrating feedback to confirm start of recording and this is an outstanding feature for taking notes while driving as you do not have to look down at the screen to make sure that recording has started. A few (only a few) recorder application offer audible feedback which is also good (unless recording in a quiet crowd) but those apps seem to misplace a button or two in the upper corners and also make them too small. Transfer of voice files to PC works also very well. I use iRecorder every single day and it truly replaces those very well designed pocket voice recorders that you can buy on the market. One less gizmo in my pockets to keep track of! Thanks for the great application Two suggestions for improvement of this great application 1. Add vibrating feedback when stopping/pausing the recording but make that feedback different that the “start/resume”recording (a double jolt?) 2. Make it possible to start/stop recording from a Bluetooth headset (with audible start/resume, and pause/stop feedback)

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